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Static-A is a Premier CX, Customer, Employee and Brand Experience Research, Strategy and Consulting Firm having CX Footprints in Pakistan, South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific Regions


The key to success for Static_A (VOC) Voice of the customer program is taking the time to plan your VoC and NPS strategy in the initial stages of program development till implementation and then at evaluations. We provide our expert consulting services at all levels. Our specialized VOC and NPS Data Strategy consulting program facilitates you in:-

  1. Understand the customer persona, needs and behaviors
  2. Selection of right metrics for aligned objectives
  3. Selection of Methodology for collecting data
  4. Program and Questionnaire Design with Timeline Calendars
  5. The Visualization and Loop Accountability Parameters
  6. Program Implementation and Data Stories for all Stakeholders
  7. Loop Management, Action plans & Customer Journey Management Reviews
  8. Integration of VOC program with CRM and Business Intelligence
  9. VOC Committee reviews, Evaluations and Continuous Improvement Contingency Plan

CX Story-Telling

Do you know the power of storytelling? And do you use it in your customer experience transformation efforts? At Static-A, we consult and guide our clients on how to analyze the VOC and NPS data and craft it in to storytelling for better data understanding and crafting CX strategies for continuously improving customer centric cultures and inspiring into business success

Customer Loyalty & Reward Program

Fight the discount Culture by stepping beyond points and purchases

Strengthen brand loyalty advocacy and stay relevant without unnecessary price cuts by engaging members through behavioral science. Nurture long-lasting loyalty with gamification, experiential rewards and personalization.

Improve your in-store experience via Omni channel functionalities

Incentivize guests and customers to identify themselves with the help of mobile invitations and vouchers. Drive footfall with in-store surprise treasure hunt. Allow customers to collect and redeem points in real time with POS technology.

Boost personalization through customer profiling

Collect customer data like never before. Incentivize shoppers to share more information about themselves via multiple profiling and feedback sources. All of this information can be used across all your marketing activities.

Loyalty AI – a loyalty program advisor for your team

Receive actionable insights on what the ‘next best action’ should be, so your loyalty program resonates with each customers, whether for future engagement campaigns or to create repeat purchases and to reduced customer churn. Our prediction engine can help to save, in fact to increase your profit margin.

To develop your customized SMS or App Integrated Customer Loyalty Reward System based Customer Profiling, Segmentation and Customized Marketing and Reward Points System for your Customers, you are welcome to contact us. We can create your Loyalty Program as

SMS based – App Based – Loyalty Card Based – Wi-Fi Mobile based

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