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Static-A is a Premier CX, Customer, Employee and Brand Experience Research, Strategy and Consulting Firm having CX Footprints in Pakistan, South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific Regions


Mystery shopping Audits is our Core competence since a decade. It is one of the most important tool, we craft and execute to improve retail and brands performance. Our Mystery shopping programs are designed after in-depth observations and discussions and designed in a scientific way with an end-objective to improve the performance culture at your organization. We do not sit back after providing you reports. We are a company which engage and collaborate with your internal stake-holders and facilitate them to create the change in their service culture and brand compliance management.

Static-A Mystery Audits services are dedicated to helping increase customer satisfaction, boost sales performance and build staff competence, resulting in increased profitability.

Static A will point out the differences between desirable KPIs and the actual delivery of the product or service. Throughout the entire process, our carefully selected and trained Service Auditors deliver objective and actionable insight which are also double-checked, verified and proofread by our in-house management before being released reports to your dashboards.

We currently have over five thousand Auditors in different countries and regions so we are able to reach any city, province or even another country where you are based-in.

All of our brand and mystery audit teams undergo full training and brand orientation before they conduct any work for any of our clients. This ensures you receive maximum benefit and we deliver excellence.

Why Static-A Mystery Audits are different than most of the traditional mystery shopping programs in the Market:

  • Detailed Brand Assessments leads to a Scientific Program Design
  • A rigorous qualification and On-boarding process of our Auditors to maintain Quality
  • Auditors Demographic Match and Extensive in-house Trainings
  • Auditor Monitoring & On-Site Data Integrity Checks on-Site
  • Passionate about delivering Authentic & Verified Data
  • Post Data Consulting and Collaborations for your All Tiers Workforce and Management Briefs

We capture your insights through qualitative and quantitative sentiments, pictorial, video and audio based insights with maximum quality and authenticated methodologies data capturing devices and methodologies. Our decade experience in Mystery audits services makes us specialized and stand-alone as assessment data champions in the region. How we transport, verify and deliver the results through Analytics is another brilliant story of how we created game changer data insights for the clients and given them clear purpose and direction to move forward.

We feel pleasure to be respected as one of the most authentic research company in delivering the highest quality Mystery Audit programs in the market. By having trust in our data, we can design your mystery audit programs evaluations on-site store experiences, phone and contact center and web site experiences.

Our Omni-Channel Mystery Audits Programs covers your brands assessment with various execution methodologies such as:

Video Mystery Shopping (VMS)
General Mystery Shopping (GMS – Multiple Evidences Packed)
Telephonic Mystery Shopping
Communicative Mystery Shopping

 Industries We Served In Last Decade:

Static-A has the expertise of conducting mystery shopping programs for almost every industry you ever interacted with, including

Fashion Retail
Financial services/banking
FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods)
Home furnishings
Miscellaneous Services

Static-A can also conduct following audits and evaluations for your brand or Organization as:

Brand Audits
Business & Operations Compliance Audits
Marketing & Advertising Audits
Complaint Management Audits
Customer Service Audits

At Static-A, We have:-

  1. Auditor Field Exposure:We have auditors where you need them – in more than 500 cities across the globe)
  2. Specialized Auditing Expertise with Large Pool of Demographics:Our people are rigorously trained for a project. We make in-depth, detailed selection of our auditors from a pool of over 5000 Mystery Auditors based on diversified demographics and preferences. We make sure your business get mystery audited by the perfectly aligned customer persona
  3. Trained, Certified and Highly Skilled Auditors:Effective auditing programs often necessitate that the auditors work directly with your line-level employees. Static-A auditors understand that their job is not to point fingers, but to respectfully partner with your employees towards the ultimate goal of identifying improvements and maintaining your company’s positive brand image.


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