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Static-A is a Premier CX, Customer, Employee and Brand Experience Research, Strategy and Consulting Firm having CX Footprints in Pakistan, South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific Regions


Increase Store Conversion & Sales with a 98%+ Accurate, AI-Powered Footfall & People Counters!

We partner up with retailers, entertainment venues, airports and public institutions to help them understand deep behavioral insights about their customers.

 Measure Visitor Traffic

People counting conversion technology can measure retail traffic in and out of your stores with 98% accuracy

Pinpoint Your Peak Hours

You’ll know the busiest hours across your store, based on accurate retail traffic data.

 Increase Conversions

Plan store staffing levels in line with traffic counter data to help increase sales and conversions.

 Understand Movement Patterns

View and assess shopper direction and movements within the retail space and re-engineer your products and visual elements as per needs.

 Comparison Analysis

Make clear comparison of your store traffic with previous day to day, month to month and year to years or even events to events and find out if your footfall is gradually improving or declining

  • Customer-Facing Operations
  • Marketing, POP and Signage’s
  • Sales Strategies
  • Industry and Product Knowledge
  • Merchandise Standards
  • Pricing
  • Product Availability
  • Advertising & Promotion
With Static-A Footfall Counters, we measure much more than just the traffic inside your store.

At our Installed Sensors at hundreds of Retail locations, we are Capturing Customer Footfall Analytics with Thousands of Counts per Day. We offer following Benefits and features:

  • Customer Traffic Data Accuracy
  • Data Validation
  • well & Queue
  • Height Filter Function
  • Filter & Staff Exclusion
  • Reports & KPI´s
  • Automatic notification
  • Turnover statistic
  • Ranking report
  • Missing revenue reports
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Quick Information Dashboards

Footfall counting to increase conversion ratio and optimize store performance   

The collected data is the foundation of our service. The provided data allows you to make meaningful and grounded decisions about for example the allocation of staff or the improvement of the product portfolio and customer service and so on. Footfall data helps understand:

  1. The amount of customers at a certain location and time
  2. Conversion
  3. The routes customers take
  4. Where physical frictions arise
  5. The effectiveness of promotional campaigns

Increase your Conversion Rates & Boost Revenues
All this data allows you to make the most of in-store traffic data to increase conversion rates. Taking advantage of Static-A Footfall Analytic Manager, retailers can improve their sales revenue, and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Our People counting systems can provide enormous amounts of useful information. This quantitative approach provides data that makes it possible to allocate your marketing budget in the most optimal way. Operational and strategic decisions will be made based on solid data.

From Entrance to Exit, Capture the Complete Customer Journey

Control all your physical spaces, devices and business growth on a single platform.

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