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Static-A is a Premier CX, Customer, Employee and Brand Experience Research, Strategy and Consulting Firm having CX Footprints in Pakistan, South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific Regions


Static-A brand, product and Market Research is your most authentic and reliable market research partner for both qualitative and quantitative and beyond them Projects.

Augment your Brand Position by Understanding Competitor Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and the available Strategic Opportunities

The most spirited organizations maintain continues and insightful synopsis of their competitions. In order to create market lead, it is crucial to understand and react to what others in your industry are doing, where they have are playing sharp edgy and where you see operational, sales, product, pricing, service or customer support deficiencies.

Static-A 360 degree Competitive benchmarking solutions can help you accurately analyze your competitions and industry peers performances across the regions

Our well-crafted Competitive analysis and benchmarking program can provision a range of value added Brand Elements resulting into optimizing your market share and earn massive customer loyalty among all brands:

  • Customer-Facing Operations
  • Marketing, POP and Signage’s
  • Sales Strategies
  • Industry and Product Knowledge
  • Merchandise Standards
  • Pricing
  • Product Availability
  • Advertising & Promotion

Work on a proven methodology to program design, launch and real time insights which make you analyze smoothly on current standing and give a clear future movement direction.

Our multi-analytics and real time reporting system deliver powerful operational and customer insights to your management at the right time, enabling your organization to focus with clear-cut precision on the most important action plans, at every management level, location, resulting into your brand’s customer satisfaction, store operational excellence and growth oriented financial performance.

Why Competition Insights and Bench marketing with Static-A

  • Static-A designs competitor benchmark programs in accordance with proven methods to provide an important perspective on your competitive landscape and dynamics
  • Our trained auditors visit pre-determined or random competitors to understand key components of their business, analyze the difference of value and translate into meaningful gap analysis and recommend action plans
  • We help clients to grow by creating unique selling proposition (USP) and keep innovating their USP’s with modern trends and in accordance to rapidly changing customer behavior resulting into sustainable customer loyalty

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