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Static-A is a Premier CX, Customer, Employee and Brand Experience Research, Strategy and Consulting Firm having CX Footprints in Pakistan, South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific Regions


Drive Customer Experience Metrics that meet or exceed customer, Employee, product, and brand needs, wants, expectations, anticipations and aspirations

The Customer Experience Metrics are the KPIs the business follows that involve customers’ input and translation of their emotions and sentiments after experiencing your products and services. These metrics help you in understanding how loyal or satisfied your customers are. Understand how satisfied customers are after key touch points in the customer journey.

We can craft and run your brand’s CSAT, CES and Multiple CX and Operations Metrics to Gauge your Brand Experience Performance

The choice of metric is as important as the organizational performance management objective us – Companies get succeed or fail partially based on their designed metrics accuracy and defining & implementing systematic, authenticated and improvement centric measurement systems. Driving improvement is important – the metrics you choose are simply a score, a trend, a sentiment through which you can track to monitor your performances

Collect, Measure & Analyze about what your Customers are Feeling!

The most successful customer experience programs include an overall metric as well as gathering feedback across a whole range of touch points and to help identify the key drivers of the experience and prioritize the actions that will have the biggest impact.

You want to start a customer experience management and improvement program?

How are you going to measure its success? Find out the key things to track and the key CX metrics to measure them. Some of them are:

  1. Retail Metrics
  2. Brand Metrics
  3. Sales Metrics
  4. Loyalty Metrics
  5. Service Metrics
  6. Call Center Metrics
  7. Engagement Metrics
  8. Retention Metrics
  9. Satisfaction Metrics
  10. Effort Scores
  11. CLV and Acquisitions
  12. Churn Rates
  13. Footfall and Conversions
  14. ATV and ABS
  15. ATR & FCR
  16. Web and E-Commerce Metrics
  17. Social Media Metrics
  18. Customer Journey Metrics
  19. Customized Metrics (Develop your own Metrics Board with us)

Static-A consulting Teams are turning CX Metrics into Performance Actions!

Customer experience metrics are a vital footing of any customer experience program, but just loading and displaying results will not have any impact on the experience. Our consultants need to share the results to key stakeholders in your organization, but they also review them regularly, assign to your internal group of CX Team or a CX Governance committee and discuss their consequences, and what your organization can do to continuously meet your customers’ needs and expectations.  Static-A consultants help you make your CX metrics meaningful and change management elements. It is only when the results being used to personalize the experience in real-time that CX metrics can improve the customer experience and ultimately, increase customer loyalty and retention, just by listening and taking actions on them!

Excited to learn how we can design your CX and business metrics and measure your brands experiences to make you a performance based customer-centric company

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