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Static-A is a Premier CX, Customer, Employee and Brand Experience Research, Strategy and Consulting Firm having CX Footprints in Pakistan, South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific Regions


Setting Operational and QA Excellence!

Compliance audits are critical for any organization to establish baseline Operational Excellence. Ensure your Brand Guidelines and Promises are being met through Dealership, Franchise Compliance, Sales, Operations and Marketing Compliance Audits

What is Brand Compliance Audit?

A compliance audit is an all-inclusive assessment of an organization’s adherence to guidelines outlined by the leadership and/or corporate team across all your locations. Companies invest significant capitals into forming and fostering customer trust and brand goodwill. Protecting your brand goodwill from compliance risks and customer attrition due to loss controls at multiple locations where you cannot access at same time, has never been this important. Take proactive measures to make sure display materials comply with legal guidelines and ensure that employees are meeting the requirements in their customer interactions.

Our Brand Compliance audits can cover:

  • Cash integrity checks
  • Facilities benchmarking
  •  Brand protection, image, and appearance
  • Standards benchmarking
  • Pricing compliance
  • Stock loss prevention
  • merchandise availability
  •  Closed store and de-branding verification
  • Quality control and operations

Discover if your desired brand image, guidelines and promises are being considered the way you intended to assess your employees and to improve training and reward top employees, franchisees or dealership’s

Static-A offers Brand and business Compliance Audit solutions which provision organizations to maintain their set benchmarks and certain standards and ensure into full compliance from critical operational, sales and marketing standards to industry or  government regulations (if applicable). Static-A’s compliance audit program eliminates non-compliant risk, helping brands save time, resources, financials and maintain an exceptional reputation. We can cover your compliance audits in form of:-

Brand Compliance Audits
Dealership Compliance Audits
Franchise Compliance Audits
Site Safety Audits
Food prep and kitchen Compliances
Service and Claims Processing Audits
Sales Process Audits
ISO Compliance Audits
Government Regulations Compliance Audits
Departmental Compliance Audits
Technology Compliance Audits
HR & Legal Compliance Audits
Miscellaneous Departmental Compliance Audits

Depending on your organizational needs, we can conduct compliance audits as a standalone solution or in conjunction with any one of other services like voice of customer, competitor evaluations, and mystery shopping.

Our Expertise in Brand Compliance Audits:-

  • Auditor Field Exposure:We have auditors where you need them – in more than 500 cities across the globe)
  • Specialized Auditing Expertise:Many companies that offer both mystery shopping and auditing services fail to recognize the unique differentiation between twos solutions. Not all mystery shoppers can be successful auditors and vice-versa. They both are entirely different perspectives. We know how training, instructions and certification for auditing programs must be diverse from mystery shopping, and we are experts on the most effective approaches for both programs. Our extensively skilled and experienced auditors knows exactly how and what to inspect at your locations.
  • Trained, Certified and Highly Skilled Auditors: Effective auditing programs often necessitate that the auditors work directly with your line-level employees. Static-A auditors understand that their job is not to point fingers, but to respectfully partner with your employees towards the ultimate goal of identifying improvements and maintaining your company’s positive brand image.

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